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Search for a supplier in IS

The most famous market in Yiwu is the Futien International Wholesale Market-Exhibition, usually if you hear Yiwu in conversation you mean this market. The largest in China and in the world, covering an area of 6.4 million square meters, with more than a hundred thousand stores inside. It has absolutely everything. Home, garden, clothing, stationery, toys, solar panels, generators, tools, mobile accessories, decorations, Christmas toys and much more. Buildings are divided into districts, districts into floors, floors into streets.

Search for a supplier in IS

District 1

On the first floor there are artificial flowers and children's toys stores. In the flower department you can find flower packages, various materials for bouquets, goods for creativity and a large range of artificial flowers and bouquets. In the toy department you can find more than 3000 manufacturers' shows. Here you can find soft toys, radio-controlled cars, costumes of cartoon characters, various children's sets and board games. Some of the products are sold in Russian-language packaging.
On the second floor are located the departments of hair jewelry and bijouterie. All kinds of crabs, rubber bands, hairpins. Costume jewelry of all kinds - rings, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and much more. There is also a huge selection of silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and medical gold.
On the third floor are photo frames, accessories for jewelry making, various stones, souvenirs and Christmas goods.
And on the fourth floor the departments of artificial flowers but more expensive and exquisite flowers, furnishings and Christmas toys.

District  2

On the first floor the department of umbrellas, raincoats, raincoats, bags, suitcases, purses, backpacks. A huge assortment of goods for every taste.
NavtoromfloorElektronika -LEDs and LED equipment, sockets, switches, adapters, lamps, accessories for video surveillance and much more. There are also departments with tools, power banks, generators, overalls, all kinds of hand and power tools. Among other things, electric bikes, jet skis and much more are sold.
The third floor sells batteries, clocks, ceramic and metal dishes, flashlights and lamps.
The fourth floor sells compressor and welding equipment, plumbing equipment, tents, tools, children's electric cars and strollers.

District 3

On the first and second floor mainly stationery, pens, pencils, felt-tip pens and any goods that can be found in stationery stores. They are sold as old and proven as well as new items that are just appearing in the sale. There is also a department of sports goods, where they sell balls, sports clothes, awards, and everything that is necessary for any sport, up to a golf club and a pool table.
On the third floor, cosmetics and accessories, combs and mirrors.
On the fourth floor, hairdressing, fishing and tourism products.
On the fifth floor are pictures, ready-made paintings, reproductions, frames, mirrors and photo frames.
There are also districts of socks and tights, hats and caps, shoes and clothing, beach goods, auto parts, linens and much more.

How do I order products from the marketplace in the UI?
Search for a supplier in PS 1
Search for a supplier in PS 1
Contact our manager, he will conduct a free consultation and help you compose a search request for the manufacturer and products.
Search for a supplier in PS 2
Search for a supplier in PS 2
Then we go to the market, contact you by video link and show you the assortment of products and manufacturers, asking for prices and all the necessary information.
Search for a supplier in PS 3
Search for a supplier in PS 3
Then a bill of lading is made for the redemption of goods, paid at the current rate. Within 3 to 5 days, the goods come to our warehouse and we check the quality and quantity.
Search for a supplier in PS 4
Search for a supplier in PS 4
After confirming the conformity of the goods, the goods are shipped.