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About Us

Chinese Goods is an international export and logistics company. The main rules of our work are honesty and integrity. With the majority of our clients we have not only business relations, but also friendly ones.  The main goal of our work is the annual development of our clients.  The most enjoyable results when the client is from small wholesale goes on a large volume. 

Over 10 years we bought absolutely any product: shoes, clothing, electronics, accessories, materials, large equipment, tools, auto parts, toys, stationery, fertilizers, and more. One of the last orders - an entire cement plant in Armenia, for a large international holding.  We can give good cooperation offer on any customer's request!

During our work we have managed to learn not only the Chinese language but also the mentality, having visited almost all major trade cities. Every year our company participates in a large number of export exhibitions, collecting contacts of different manufacturers. 

Cooperating with our company you can be sure of the quality of goods, and competitive price in the international market.

About Us